“Colors of existence” 2023


Painter: Francien Krieg
Oil on linen canvas
Size: 120cm x 80cm
Signed by the artist on the back side
Certificate authenticity included



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Francien Krieg is a Dutch painter and AI artist who has made a name for herself by painting older naked women. Her artwork is recognized for its unique celebration of the female form, particularly those of older women, and for challenging traditional beauty standards.

Krieg’s work often portrays women in their natural state, without the artificial enhancements commonly found in the media. This depiction of older women in their raw and unapologetic form is not only empowering but also an important step towards breaking the stigma surrounding aging and the female body.

In addition to her traditional paintings, Krieg has also started to incorporate artificial intelligence technology into her artwork. Through this, she has been able to create hybrid pieces that combine her own creativity with the unpredictable and exciting algorithms generated by machines. The result is a fascinating blend of human and machine intelligence, which has opened up new avenues of exploration for Krieg as an artist.

Overall, Francien Krieg’s artwork is a celebration of femininity, age, and natural beauty, and it challenges us to reconsider our traditional notions of what is considered attractive and worthy of attention in the art world.

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