The Best Art Awards accepts submissions in the following categories:

In our competition, we do not limit the number of images of your arts submitted by each individual artist. You can also submit the same art to any number of categories. Your arts will be rated individually by an esteemed panel of international judges, including: famous artists, collectors, gallery owners, magazine editors and others.

Open Theme

Any subject or artistic expression is welcome.


For this theme, any subject matter that predominantly shows flowers, or relates to flowers in an indirect manner, will be acceptable. Artists are also free to apply their own interpretation in representing the overall theme.


The “Figurative / Portrait” theme is considered to be any art which depicts either actual rendering of a person’s face or figure or the depiction of a to be figure, form and/or face.


The “Nature/Landscape” theme is considered to be any art which depicts the natural world, outdoor scenery, geographical environments and related landscape subjects.

Still life

Art depicting inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects or with a single object in focus


For this theme, feel free to represent any animal, from the teeny-tiny microbes to the massive elephants, and even fictional, mythological, or imagined creatures.


The “Abstraction” theme is considered to be any art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures.


Minimalism is about avoiding the unnecessary , it’s about simplicity, utility and elegance. With minimalism, no attempt is made to represent an outside reality.

Digital Art

Art that is made or presented using digital technology.


Works of art depicting cities, streets, architecture, roads, bridges and other urban and architectural structures, even fictional or imaginary, are accepted.


This category for arts depicting the nude human body with an emphasis on form, composition, emotional content, and other aesthetic qualities.

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