Welcome to the special museum project page.
This project was created specifically to develop, preserve and draw special attention to contemporary art.

In the digital age, it is also important to preserve the physical presence of art. Therefore, the museum project involves not only online exhibitions and the opening of an online museum, but also the physical display of collections in various museums, galleries and other art spaces.

Artists’ work will be carefully selected and added to the collection by theme and medium. After that, the formed expositions will be shown at various exhibitions.
Artists will receive exposures, advertisements and permanent presence in various projects and also included in the list of selected authors of the project on the official website

Artwork is for display purposes and will not be sold from exhibitions. Artists will receive advertising and commissions directly from interested parties.


Grigory Gurevich
Professional Artist
Art in the collection

Grigory Gurevich, sculptor, painter, graphic artist, printmaker, mime artist and inventor has had more than 400 exhibitions in the United States and Europe and conducted hundreds of sculpture workshops in Italy, Denmark, and U.S.

At 15, his painting “Grandmother” was selected for the exhibition of professional painters in Manege, Moscow

He had studied art in a prestigious Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad, Russia.

His paintings, drawings and sculptures have won numerous awards and are in public and private collections in the United States, Russia, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, and France.

He received a Masters Degree in Art from Academy of Fine and Industrial Arts in Leningrad (Sankt Peterburg), Russia and was a professor at St. Johns University, N.Y. and faculty member of Newark  no School of Fine and Industrial Arts.

His bronze tableau of seven life–size figures entitled “The Commuters”, sculpted in 1985, is permanently installed in Newark Penn Station.

His book “Reflections” features 17 linocuts, etchings and

mixed media prints has been included inCV i the print collection Hermitage Museum in Leningrad, Russia, New York Public Library New York, USA, Newark Public Library, as well as the Rare Book collection of Library of Saint Bonaventure University.

In April 1995 Mr. Gurevich was granted a patent on a new type of manifolding book, one of which “Numbers 1-10, 10-1” is in the collection at the Brooklyn Museum and library at Columbia University of Chicago as well as in private collections of famous personalities such as Marcel Marceau in France, A. Raikin in Russia.

In March 2016, his sculpture “CLOWN” was exhibited in Russian State Museum in Petersburg, Russia as a part of “Circus” exhibition.

His 4 art books are now in the collection of a Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA since June 2016.

In 2004 his pen and ink drawing “The Tree” had been accepted as a temporary loan to the Gallery of Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation.

His watercolors and drawings, were exhibited in a Museum of Savitsky in Penza, Russia in 2008 and 2010, MORA, New York and WAH  Center in 2014.

Mr. Gurevich created a concept of pencil Drawing technique and concept on sculpture of Human Head and had more than 300 workshops and demonstrations on this subject in the United States, Russia, Denmark and Italy.

 His work was published in such publications as “The New York Times”, “Who is Who in American Arts”, “Manhattan Arts Review”, “Encyclopedia of American Artists”, “American Artists Magazine” and many other leading art magazines and newspapers around the world.

Professional Artist
Art in the collection

The beginning of a career as a photographer

DASHA started taking photographs in her 3rd year at the university.
She actually immediately decided on the genre of photography, sifting out boring directions for her like: wedding, street, family photography. DASHA immediately created her own unique, recognizable handwriting, which combines painting on the human body and photography. Purposefully and in-depth works in the genre of artistic art photography, creates accessories, and thinks through conceptual images, focusing on the uniqueness of ideas.
Since 2015, she has been participating in international photography competitions, immediately winning prizes. Then she created her first cover for a glossy magazine, today there are more than 20 of them around the world.

Features of creativity

A feature of DASHA’s creative look is the creation of a real image of the model – real makeup from the best makeup artists, real costumes are made by the best fashion designers. And only after that photographs are taken. DASHA also professionally retouches photos: “I myself edit and bring my photos to the ideal. Since I came to everything in photography by trial and error, I set for myself only the best world names as an example. And now I am very critical of everything that I create.
Currently, during the pandemic, when it is impossible planned foreign exhibitions, DASHA works in three areas: oil paintings, photos, graphics. But they do not contradict each other, but complement: “I started painting with oils. In February 2020, in the garage of my house, I created my first exhibition of paintings. Painting brings me a lot of pleasure and does not let me get bored. I prefer cubism geometry and suprematism. I still have big plans in the field of photography – these are not only photo shoots and art objects, but, perhaps, my own school of photography. I continue to create photos for collectors and build their value with very limited editions of my prints. I also think about the release of a limited book-album – for 10 years many interesting photographs have accumulated that can inspire people. And Graphics is what has been with me since childhood. I even sign my graphic works with a different signature that I came up with as a child, keeping the concept and technique. This is part of me.”

DASHA and World Expo Dubai 2020

“Connecting minds, creating the future” is the slogan of Expo 2020 Dubai, which started on October 1 and will run until the end of March 2022. At Expo 2020 Dubai, DASHA presented 13 photographs. Each reflects the cultural heritage of Belarus, the current stage of its development.
National symbols are presented – Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the letter “Ў”, cornflowers, Belarusian ornament, Kalyady, IT technologies, etc.: “Today I consider my participation at the World Expo 2020 a great achievement. With great difficulty and without connections, I was able to defend my ideas, and I am the only selected artist from Belarus who represents the art zone at the world exhibition. I prepared and created my collection for 2 years, this is a colossal work and a colossal achievement for me.”


DASHA is the owner of numerous international awards in the field of photography and art. Including Best Professional Photographer of Europe 2020 (FEP)

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