“Kubutopia number 49” 2021


Painter constructivist Elly Richaerts
Medium: High pigmented acryl on linnen with aluminum frame
Size: 96cm x 130cm
Signed by the artist
Certificate authenticity included



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Elly Richaerts / Artist Statement

My painting life has only been short. After working for 40 years in education and nearing retirement, a second life began for me in the studio.

During my career in primary education, developing the creative skills of children was my passion. For my own development in painting, I took drawing and painting lessons for years in my free time at the art academy and I worked in the studios of various artists. Painting has always been a part of my life.

In between, I also engaged in portrait photography of people from cultures other than the Western culture. That hobby was and still is a driving force to travel the world.

Now that I have exchanged the classroom for a studio for several years, painting has become my greatest passion; my daily work.

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